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Carpet Scientist knows all about caring for your safety within your home.
We use environmentally safe products approved to be safe and Carpet Scientist has the highest standards of workmanship in our field.

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We believe in providing the best services to help your home be healthy for your family and the long journey of life.

Buy now Dryer vent cleaning Dryer Vent Cleaning: Helps guarantee a safe and fire free Dryer. Dryer vent fires are one of the top reasons why houses catch on fire.

When you get your dryer vent cleaned by Carpet Scientist.

We ensure that you have the highest quality workers making sure that your dryer is safe.

Most people use flex pipe that allows the airflow to go through the pipe to the outside. All dryer vent pipes have bends in that pipe making restricted air flow.

But what also happens is the flex pipe or sheet metal pipe has a very small layer of residue on it which helps lint attract itself to the pipe then the pipe starts getting backed up with lint and closing of the air back to the dryer.

All it takes is just a spark and because Lint catches on fire as fast as gasoline.

The whole dryer can start on fire in less than 15 seconds.

With carpet scientists making sure that your dryer vent is safe for the next couple of years.

You can rest assured that you did something to prolong the life of your house or your business.

Dryer Vent Fires are very serious, they are a fire hazard.

So get your dryer vents cleaned from Carpet Scientist and know that you trusted the best in the business.

Buy Now air duct cleaning Air Duct Cleaning: Helps your household breath fresh clean air & helps insure your Furnace stays running efficiently for years.

When you get your Air Ducts cleaned by Carpet Scientist.

you can rest assured that your Air ducks will be environmentally safe to breathe for your protection while also ensuring that your furnace is in standard running condition.

We start out by tying into your main trunk line with a vacuum that’s truck mounted. we then run our lines all way to the top of the highest Vents & blow them down to the vacuum.

After all the lines are blown, there then they’re cleaned of all the debris, crayons serials, toys, keys pencils, etc.

Every house should have its air ducts cleaned within 4 years and at least sanitized at least once in a lifetime the house.

If your business place is new or your house is new you should definitely have your air ducts cleaned to get the drywall off of the inside of the air ducts.

If you don’t know what happens, Mold starts to grow because of the humidity inside of the air vents with the coating of drywall dust already there, makes it easy for bacteria growth.

When we’re done your air vents will look brand new and you will be able to breathe freely of any contaminants in the air coming through the vents.

Buy now carpet cleaning Carpet Cleaning: With Carpet scientist is the Best choice you can make to ensure your carpets are glowing like new.

When you get your carpets cleaned from Carpet Scientist you know that you have used the best company to help your carpets look the best they can be.

We are top notch carpet professionals that do top quality workmanship. Our vacuums are truck mounted and we steam clean your carpets deep down to the pad where most areas are hard to reach.
We can clean any stains from all thicknesses of carpet.

We work with all residential & commercial settings & guarantee great results.

We pre-treat all areas with a all natural based cleaner that breaks up the soiled carpet.

Then we extract the cleaner and dirt with our powerful truck mounted vacuum unit.

When you use Carpet Scientist to have your carpets professionally cleaned the right way with no residue fast drying great results you couldn’t ask for anything more.

We will do our best to give your carpets the attention they deserve!

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